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Child and Adult Day

Care Catering

With an appetite for excellence, we use whole foods combined with over 10 years of experience to give you authentic and delicious tastes. We cater to both childcare centers and adult day care programs all over the Twin Cities and have the option for delivery. Family owned and operated,

here's what you can expect with Twin Cities Catering:

Fresh and Whole

We pride ourselves on using fresh and

whole ingredients, from our vegetables

to our cheese to our meat and fish. This

lets us maintain the highest nutritional

and taste standards while making all of

our meals from scratch. Homemade

flavors to make the pickiest of eaters

into happy campers!

Quality Service

Care providers love our service because

we do all the work for them! We make

our food fresh each day and can deliver

the meals hot and fresh to your door

daily. We also supply you with food

warmers pr holding bags to keep meals

warm prior to serving, then pick them

up the next day for little to no cleanup

for you.

Customizable  Menus

As the provider of lunchtime meals to

your center, we offer a healthy variety

of meals for you to choose from. We sit

down with you every month and create a

customized meal plan perfect for your

center's needs. We are especially adept

at catering to Spanish and Russian

cultural backgrounds!

Give us a call today for menu options, schedule a tasting or a tour of newly renovated kitchen space, get information on our rates, and more!

T: 763-300-1907

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