Sandwich Platter:

Serves 10 to 15

Choice of 10 Sandwiches, small salad and chips

10: $90 

15: $135

Classic Sandwich Platter:

Serves 10 to 15

Choice of sandwich, chips and 2 sides

10: $110

15: $165



Buffalo Chicken Wrap

Cranberry Wrap

Southwest Wrap

Turkey Club Sandwich with Bacon

Egg Salad Sandwich 

The Uptowner


Platter Sides:

Any soup from 

Any salad from 

Any Side from 

Any pasta salad 



Burrito Bar

$9 / person

10 persons minimum 


Includes barbacoa, carnitas, sesame tofu, chicken, choice of three different tortillas, all regular toppings and guacamole and side of tortilla chips

Our Café Buffet

Includes choice of 2 entrees, 1 salad, 2 sides

Serves 10 people



Add additional $65 for multiples of 5

Add $6 per person for stuffed chicken breast

Lunch Boxes


Classic Lunch Box:

Choice of any sandwich or wrap, choice of chips or small salad, choice of cookie


The Lunch Box

Classic box plus side of fruit 


A La Carte



Serves 10 people


Chicken Wild Rice Soup

Vegetable Medley

Creamy Corn Soup

Roasted Red Pepper Soup 

Kickin’ Carnitas soup


Serves 10 people


Couscous Salad

Cranberry Almond Salad

Energy Grain Salad

Berry Poppyseed Salad

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Oriental Noodle Salad

Turkey Bacon Salad

Southwest Salad

Tuna Salad
Egg Salad


Serves 10


Gourmet Mac and Cheese $40

Lasagna $49

Chicken Tinge $70

Chicken Curry  $70

Stuffed Chicken breast $76

Spaghetti Bake and Meatballs $70


Serves 10



Hummus and Mini Pita

Hummus and Fresh Veggies

Mashed Potatoes

Seasonal Roasted Veggies





20 cookies


Macadamia nut white chocolate

Chocolate chip

Peanut butter

Raisin Oatmeal

M & M

20 muffins




Chocolate chocolate chip

Banana nut


Breakfast A la carte

Each serves 10 




Toppings: pick 3




Shredded coconut



Scrambled Eggs with cheese


Classic Hash browns


Bacon or Sausage Patties


Any Choice of Toast

wheat, white, English muffin, croissant or ciabatta, bagel, served with butter cups and cream cheese



Add $2 per person for GF

French Toast

Served with Whipped cream, syrup and fresh berries


Bagel and Cream Cheese


Baked Fresh Daily Muffins



Chocolate-Chocolate chip

Banana nut



Hard Boiled Eggs - cold


Fruit Platter



Choice of:

Banana Peanut butter

Apple Cinnamon 

Apple Walnut

Almond and Berry Sensation


16” Breakfast pizza:

serves 6

Sweet potato or breakfast potato, Sunnyside up eggs, chives, 3 cheese blend and choice of meat –sausage, chicken bacon or ham



Add $3 for GF cauliflower crust

Breakfast Burrito Bar

Serves 10




Scrambled eggs

Choice of meat (bacon, sausage, chorizo)

Hash browns

Sour cream



Corn or flour tortillas

The Sweet Tooth

Serves 10


Choice of:

Any 10 oatmeal 

Any 10 Muffins 

Fruit Platter

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